Janet Boguslaw

Dr. Janet Boguslaw is a Senior Scientist at the Heller School and Institute for Economic and Racial Equity. She is also a non-resident Research Fellow at the Rutgers School of Labor and Management Relations. Her research focuses on creating multi-sector innovations and partnerships to advance equitable economic opportunity and stability through institutional and public policy-driven initiatives focusing on workforce and economic development, job quality, family financial stability, new structures of work, and gender and asset based inequalities. Participant engagement in research, analysis, and recommendation development is key to all the work. Dr. Boguslaw has worked with corporate managers to research, direct and advance their community development initiatives, with state and not for profit agencies in the areas of workforce training, employment stabilization, family and child well-being, and on funded research exploring issues of regional development, disparities, and wealth building. Most recently at Brandeis she directed a federally funded university/community project examining career advancement and job quality in healthcare. Through Rutgers analyzed primary data on the asset building, life course, and family impacts of employee ownership for low and moderate-income workers, with a focus on its role in reducing gender and racial wealth inequality. She engages as a member of the Closing the Women’s Wealth Gap national initiative; on the Workforce Development Steering Committee on Racial Equity Insight Center for Community Economic Development (Oakland, CA); as Humanities Advisor, The Kitchenistas film project, The Beyster Foundation (La Jolla, CA); and as Board Member and Clerk, Family Nurturing Centers (Boston MA).