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Ownership America is building the next generation ownership society. Our vision is a nation of owners that enjoy dignity and economic independence. We believe that a healthy democracy depends upon broad participation in property ownership.

Employee Ownership

Employee ownership is among the most underrated economic policy success stories in America. We develop policies at the state and federal levels to accelerate the growth of employee-owned companies. In an economy where returns to capital increasingly outpace returns to labor, it is essential that American workers share in economic prosperity by owning an equity stake in the business where they work.

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Our Publications

Turning Employees into Owners

Released in Fall 2021, Ownership America's inaugural publication outlines a number of federal policy opportunities to accelerate the growth of employee ownership. Emphasis is on the Employee Stock Ownership Plan (ESOP) model along with a description of worker cooperatives, employee ownership trusts, employee stock purchase plans (ESPPs) and other forms of broad-based equity sharing.

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